Quick Things You Can Build

It never seems to end...the things you need around the ranch.  Cash flow seems to be a perpetual problem, bad economy or not.

To help you save those hard earned dollars for the really important things (CAL-ILA dues, show fees and those really wonderful llama ear rings on Ebay) we have compiled some popular, quick projects that you can actually have fun building.  And be proud of it!


Quick Llama Shelter Using livestock panels (hog panels), some shade cloth or plastic tarps, you can erect your own camelid condominium.  This project lives up to its name, quick and easy.

Three Sided Shelter This is a little more permanent, but will last for years.  Make sure to check with your local building department to verify if you need a building permit or not.

Restraining Chute So, you've finally decided that wrestling camelids to trim toe nails must be an Olympic sport, because it takes more strength than a champion weight lifter to work through the whole herd.  A restraining chute is just what the doctor ordered, but have you looked at the prices for new ones?  We have the answer.  Some lumber, a little hardware and a weekend's worth of time, and you are the proud owner of your own custom chute.  Check out the details!

Restraining Llamas and Another Chute If you didn't like the design of the first restraining chute, try this one!

Llama Housing and Fencing
This is an ILA Brochure with lots of good information.  Download it now.