New Owners

As a llama or alpaca owner it can be hard finding good information. CAL-ILA has accumulated a lot of information over the years.  The index below will help narrow your search.


18 Things New Owners Need to Know
This was written by Paige McGrath the editor of Llama Life II.  She provides some very pertinent information for both new and experienced owners.

CAL-ILA Owners Manual
Not everything in life comes with an Owner's Manual, but Barney & Bev McClung of The Wool & Flax Llama Farm developed this 20 page guide to help you gain some insights into these wonderful creatures.  The material was compiled from a myriad of sources.

Have A Vision
Andy Tillman was one of the founders of our current industry.  Andy imported many of the llamas and alpacas that formed the base of many breeding programs throughout the US and Canada.  Andy discusses the importance of knowing where you are going if you want to realize your vision.

Facts for New Owners
This is an ILA brochure with lots of good information.



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Before undertaking any new regime with your animals, you should always check with your veterinarian. Only your veterinarian can advise as to what is best for your situation.