CAL-ILA was founded in part to advance the medical knowledge of these great camelids.   Over the years, members of the camelid community started becoming concerned with how some owners were treating their animals.  Bottle fed crias in a box, neglected llamas, llamas tied to trees for years with halter caused damage, and other such incidents caused members to seek help with the local humane societies.

Much to everyone's surprise, the animal control officers could not intervene in many cases because there were no guidelines establishing the level of care that owners should provide to their animals.

As a result of several rescue attempts gone wrong, Camelid Community formed a working committee to develop simple guidelines for the care of camelids.  The documents listed below are the result of hours and hours of work.


Standards of Care

Herd Management Practices

Emergency Preparedness


Microchip Clinics

Llama Medical Management

Dealing with Heat Stress in Llamas